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Sigflow is a Mobile I.T. Solutions Provider.

We connect businesses to the Internet of People, Places & Things and we do it everywhere; land, sea, or air.

With today's threat landscape as pervasive and complex as it is, how secure are Public Cellular Networks? With advances in LTE technology, they have certainly come a long way however, Public Networks are only designed to maintain minimal security measures. Consumers do, however, have some control over which generation of cellular technology they use. Replacing an older smartphone, for example, with a newer LTE-capable device is a good start to better secure cellular data. However, vital measures, such as airlink encryption, can still be downgraded or absent, especially when roaming or traveling in rural areas of the country. For this reason, it's always a good idea to add end-to-end security measures.



Sigflow delivers a fast, reliable, and secure mobile experience.

Our Global eSIM simultaneously connects devices to the planets' best LTE data networks for maximized coverage, prioritized network failover, and very low latency. Our advanced cellular network is backed by our next generation VSAT & BGAN satellite networks covering the destinations where cellular is not available.

If your business or agency seeks to reduce costs, boost worker productivity or increase customer engagement, then wireless automation is in your future.

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Our Featured Solutions

IoT Temperature Sensors

Satellite Two-Way Messenging


SPOT X Provides 2-way satellite messaging so you can stay connected to family, friends, colleagues whenever you’re outside of cellular range, including direct communication with Search & Rescue services in case of a life-threatening emergency.


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Global eSIM


Sigflow brings the first Tri-Carrier Network eSIM to the U.S. Our eSIM simultaneously roams across multiple network profiles and authorizes our clients the ability to roam seamlessly across the top LTE Networks in America. Our SIM will identify and connect to the strongest LTE Data signal based off of the devices' geographic location. Connect to all of the top networks in North America with one bill and no coverage maps and complete failover.


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Mobile Fleet Solutions


We simplify mobile communications for fleet directors. From HOS & ELD tablet bundles to private mobile networks, SIGFLOW has you covered. We help you to choose equipment (Tablets, laptops, routers etc.), Rugged Mounting Solutions and Simultaneous Multi-Carrier LTE, with Global Broadband VSAT, and BGAN Satellite Connectivity when cellular is unavailable.

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LTE & Satellite Failover