Retail IoT

Digital Signage

IoT Sensors & Analytics

IoT Sensors & Analytics


Video Camera

  • Gateway to anonymous audience analytics, measuring data such as impressions, average attention time, dwell time, age range, gender, and mood.

High Speed Internet

  • Allowing for real-time content updates and dynamic content

LED Panel

  • Showcase additional branding or add directional copy for aisle locator

LCD Display

  • Hi-definition state-of-the-art 75” portrait display with full motion capabilities

Audio Speakers

  • Audio capabilities using dual stereo speaker

IoT Sensors & Analytics

IoT Sensors & Analytics

IoT Sensors & Analytics


Our retail and facility sensors integrate the best of breed sensors into a single easy to manage platform. Armed with the latest in LoRaWAN technology, our sensors have recorded through concrete walls and floor to floor. No WiFi use here, its a completely independent network. 

Popular IoT Use Cases 

Occupancy, Reporting, Asset Monitoring, Waste Management, GPS Tracking, Pest Control, Temperature/Humidity

Security & Air Quality.