Healthcare IoT

IoT Advancements

With a growing aging population and the prevalence of chronic diseases across the world, there is an urgent need to find new ways to improve patient outcomes, increase access to care, and reduce the cost of medical care. Advancements in sensor technology, the ubiquitous availability of cellular technology, and falling costs of embedded communication devices are opening new channels for improving patient care and quality of life. 

Imagine having the right information, at the right place and at the right time. Data powerful enough to make critical care decisions.

An individual person, for example, may own multiple smart devices that each produce their own unique types of data. Each of these data sets can help providers understand a narrowly defined trend  how a group of patients is controlling their blood sugar or which hypertension patients are losing weight on a certain diet. Individual devices send signals that contain valuable data points, but it’s the combination of multiple streams of data that will bring greater value to healthcare providers. When that individual owns multiple devices, providers can assemble a multifaceted portrait of their overall health and treat that enhanced vision of the individual as a new, larger data point.

Bottom line, when lives are at stake and every second counts, rich information sharing between patients, clinicians, medical records, devices and machines in real-time will help eliminate errors and duplicate efforts, better inform diagnoses, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Is your facility ready for its next regulatory inspection?

Hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, and other healthcare providers worldwide are responsible for executing an ever-expanding list of refrigeration monitoring requirements from a myriad of governing agencies. Yet many struggle to maintain compliance, due to undetected refrigeration failures, resulting in costly consequences. 


Find our how we solve unique and complex remote monitoring challenges while reducing human error by combining efficient wireless sensors and gateways with industry-leading monitoring applications, real-time reporting, and instant SMS text message alerts.

Start Simple with Healthcare IoT Sensors

Astute Guardian™ Remote Patient Monitoring Services


Healthier patients, payers & providers with HIPAA Compliant Astute Guardian Services™

Improve Patient Outcomes

Provides actionable data in real time

  • Facilitates tailoring care plans for individuals 
  • Encourages patient engagement, compliance with their care plan  

Reduce The Cost of Care

Enables providers to address growing patient population with limited staff and resources

  • Simultaneously care for more patients per staff member  
  • Monitoring may help slow the progression of morbidities   

Increase Provider Revenue

Provides new profit centers for providers

  • Captures previously unavailable Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement dollars 
  • Offers value priced services to expand market penetration   

Astute Guardian + Azure

Astute Guardian on Azure enables the democratization of data

  • Provides simple tools to collect, access and manage data 
  • Healthcare professionals can analyze data without reliance on 3rd parties