The IoT Panic Button

The IoT Panic Button

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Disaster Preparedness


Assured Internet & Phone Connectivity

Satellite communication outperforms cellular or other wireless services for all-location communication since satellite is not affected by cellular dead-zones, or temporary environmental condition such as flooding, power outages, fires, back-hoe digs, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, or any other regional unknowns since this service is connecting with an orbiting satellite 22,000 miles away.

SAFECOM Compliant

Our emergency communications satellite equipment meets or complies with all SAFECOM requirements for emergency interoperable communication equipment.

Special Pricing for Public Safety

We understand most public safety organizations do not require 24 x 7 connectivity, so we have created high-speed Emergency Mobile Responder "EMR" occasional use service packages that includes any 10 calendar days per month of unlimited connectivity for one low monthly price.

In emergency situations, when communications are critical, public networks tend to get bogged-down with consumer voice & data traffic and first responders are forced into a communications contingency plan. Many times this plan brings back the same old issues of non-compatibility with other agencies, or archaic walkie-talkie dependency.

Sigflow has that plan. Together with an ecosystem of I.T. and Mobile Connectivity Partners, Sigflow is your one-stop shop for the latest in hardware, software, cellular services, and satellite connectivity. 


The pComXL Dual-Axel Communications Unit

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The T-100 Single-Axel Communications Unit

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The Portable Data Network (PDN) - LTE Cellular

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The SPOT X - Two-Way Satellite Messenger

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