Be Everywhere at Once.

Manage all of your mobile assets together in one place, simply and securely with intelligent multi-access EDGE computing.  

Contributing to a Safer Workplace in the 'New Normal.'

Mitigate Health Risks with IoT Thermal, Biological and Environmental Sensors

The Sky's the Limit for LTE-Enabled Drones

Fly Further with Increased Signal Stability & Decreased Signal to Noise Ratio vs. WiFi

Mobile networks push the boundaries of how and where healthcare is offered

With Pop-up Networks, Mobile-Screenings, Remote Patient Monitoring & IoT Sensors, Virtual Care is always available.  

Ensure Mobile Privacy & Security with Network Traffic & Routing Tools

Deploy and operate a high-performance, on-premises, private mobile network, without having to license the spectrum.  

Establish Critical Internet & VOIP Communications in under 5 minutes

Increase Situational Awareness with a Cellular or Satellite Wireless Access Point Accessible from 1/2 mile away.